Server Commands

/balancetop <page> – Lists players by top balances.
/balance – States the current balance of a player.
/pay <player> <amount> – Pays another player from your balance.

/mcstats – View your mcMMO stats.
/<skill> – View detailed information about a skill.
/mctop <skill> <page> – Leaderboards.
/mcability – Toggle ability activation with right click.
/mcrank – View your rank on the server in each skill.
/mcscoreboard – Toggles mcMMO scoreboard on and off.

/dw list – Lists cities and shows if they are visited/not visited.
/dw tp <city-name> – Teleports you to the specified city.
/home <home-name> – Teleport to your home.
/sethome <home-name> – Set home to your current location.
/delhome <home-name> – Removes a home.

/f create – Create your own faction.
/f who – Show faction information.
/f tag – Change your faction name.
/f join – Join to the faction.
/f list – List all factions.
/f top – View the richest factions.
/f map – Map of the surrounding area, click chunks to claim.
/f sethome – Set your faction home.
/f home – Go to your faction home.
/f title – Set a players title, color codes supported.
/f ban – Ban a member from your faction.
/f unban – Unban a member from your faction.
/f banlist – List banned players from your faction.
/f lowpower – List player with power under max from your faction.
/f coords – Broadcast your location to your faction.
/f leave – Leave your faction.
/f invite <playerName> – Invite a player to your faction.
/f deinvite <playerName> – Revoke invitation to player.
/f claim – Claim a land for your faction.
/f unclaim – Unclaim land from your faction.
/f kick <playerName> – Kick player from your faction.
/f mod <playerName> – Set player to mod role in faction.
/f coleader <playerName> – Set player to coleader role in faction.
/f leader <playerName> – Set player role to leader in faction.
/f chat [Faction | Ally | Public] – Switch to Faction/Ally/Public chat.
/f warp – Opens the warp menu.
/f setwarp – Set a warp.
/f perms – Change what players can do in your claims.
/f upgrades – Upgrade various perks in your faction.
/f checkpoint – Set a faction checkpoint.
/f check – Manage All Check Settings.
/f weewoo – Alert all faction members you are being raided.
/f missions – Open/Manage all mission/objectives to complete!
/f corner – Use this command in a corner chunk, to claim your entire buffer.
/f logout – Safetly logout, hcf style.
/f global – toggle public chat off and only allow faction based chats.
/f points – Check your factions points.
/f notifications – Disable or enable faction claim notifications.

/discord – Sends the discord invite link to the player.
/link <proximity-code> – Links the player’s MC account to their Discord account.

/ar check – Check the progress of the player’s rank.
/emsg <player> <msg>
/graves – Lists any graves the player has.
/help – Displays help GUI to the player.
/rules <chapter> <page> – Views the server rules.
/tm sb toggle – Toggles the scoreboard on and off.
/vote – See voting URLs
/vote GUI – Opens VoteGUI