• How long do items last on the ground before despawning?

    Items will despawn after 5 minutes.

  • How do I claim land?

    First you need to be in a faction and have a high enough rank in the faction to be able to claim. You can either join a faction with /f join  or you can create your own with /f create . Once you have a faction you are able to claim land if you have enough power. Power is earned by playing on the server. Every minute on the server you gain 0.2 power until you reach 12 power. You can check this by typing /f power. If you have enough power and have permissions to claim from your faction you can now actually start claiming with /f claim. One claim = one power = one Minecraft chunk. You can see chunks by holding f3 and pressing g.

  • How do I set up proximity chat?

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  • I keep forgetting commands… is there a list somewhere?

    Yes! if you are in game, simply type /help and you are able to navigate to different sections that will help with commands.

  • How do I check my rank?

    You can check your rank or how close you are to being promoted by typing /ar check.

  • How do I set a warp or home?

    You can set a home by typing /sethome and then teleport there by typing /home.

  • Can my friends join?

    Yes! everyone is welcome!

  • How do I make a shop?

    You left click an empty chest with the item you want to sell, type the price in chat, and then put the item(s) in the chest.

  • How do I make the decoration heads?