Proximity Chat

We use proximity voice chat running on Discord which allows players to communicate vocally, depending on their in-game position. Instructions for setting this up are in the BoogalooCraft discord. You can join the discord by clicking HERE.

Silk Spawners

There is a small chance that, when mining a mob spawner with a silk touch pickaxe,  you will be able to collect the spawner and use it elsewhere.


You are able to create shops quickly and easily. By left clicking a chest with an item in hand you have convert that chest into a shop. Click HERE for commands related to shops.


mcMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP!

Leveled Mobs

This server has a leveled mobs system that applies a level through a specified formula to every newly spawned mob on your server – the higher the level, the higher the stats, the more difficult a mob is to fight. Harder, better, faster and stronger! In the overworld this level is determined by distance from spawn. In the end and nether, it is completely random, so watch out!


You are able to have a seat on nearly any block in the game! It’s excellent for taking selfies with friends (and actually sitting at the 1000’s of tables and chairs we’ve all made around the world). Some blocks such as stairs may be right-clicked with an empty hand to take a seat. Some of the features for emoting are restricted based on rank.


Gravestones offer the ability to re-obtain one’s items without the chance of them de-spawning. That being said, gravestones disappear after 3 hours. A gravestone displays information such as the Player, the death message (based off of your death message system), and how much time is left until the grave despawns.


Factions, what is it?

Factions adds a Team Base concept to the game. With Factions, you can go to War with an Enemy, build epic bases (more information on bases below), and work together to become powerful.
You can think of factions as ‘Clans’ you might say. It’s a group of people who work together in PvP, and Survival. Whether it is fighting an enemy, or gathering materials for a base.


Step 1: Think of a name.

The name of your faction needs to be creative. If you have a creative name, it will appeal to more players to join your Faction. You can also use Acronyms in your name in case your name is too long.

Tip: Use a capital letter at the beginning of your Faction name, it looks more professional.

Example: Highlanders, Elves, Treks.
NON-Examples: butterfly, swordpeople (These make you look weak.)

Step 2: Make your Faction.

To make your Faction, type in the command /f create.
Congrats! You made your own faction!

Step 3. — Inviting People.

A Faction is NOTHING without friends and other people. The more people in your Faction, the more power you have. I HIGHLY recommend only inviting/adding people who you know and trust. There have been a lot of cases where Faction members turn on their Leader.
To invite someone to your Faction, do the following command /f invite
The amount of people in your Faction, increases your max power. Your Max Power increases by 10 every time a new member joins.

Step 4: Faction Rules

Make Faction rules that keep the Faction as clean as possible without any complications. Rules are KEY to making a professional and great Faction.

EX: Rule 1. No spamming Faction chat or World chat., Rule 2. Only allow Faction Members in the base…..etc.

Step 5: Finding a Base.

MOVE FAR OUT FROM THE SPAWN! If you build your base right next to the spawn, you will likely be killed and Raided! Be careful though, mobs get harder the farther you go from spawn.

Feel free to make grand castles or hidden bases. Raiding has guidelines on this server and no one is allowed to grief your builds (see rules for more clarification on that). That won’t prevent them from stealing your builds though! So be prepared to defend…

Step 6: Claiming Land.

Claiming Land is one of the most important parts of a Faction. It protects everything within it, no one can open your doors when they are on your land.

Note: Chests can still be opened when in claimed territory. BE CAREFUL. I suggest that you build a vault to put valuables in.

The amount of land you can claim depends on how much power you have (Information Below). The more power you have, the more land you can claim, the less power you have the less you can claim.

To claim land, do the following command /f claim

/f claim only allows you to claim the land you are standing in. You can check the border of the chunk you are claiming by pressing f3+g.

How to unclaim land >> /f unclaim or /f unclaim all
/f unclaim will only unclaim the land you are standing in.
/f unclaimall will unclaim all the claimed land you own.


Power determines the following: Overall Server Ranking, and Land Ownership. Your Server Ranking makes you look powerful and desirable. Your Land protects everything you have made and earned.

Step 1: How to get Power.

Power is gained through playing on the server. The longer you play without dying, the more power you gain. Your power cannot exceed your Max Power.

For example: Say you have 7 trustworthy members in your faction, then your Max Power is 7×15 or 105. If each member of the faction has their full 15 power, it will not increase anymore.

Step 2: What to do with Power.

It’s simple, all you do is claim more land. (Please refer to Step 5 on Claiming Land). Otherwise, there is really nothing left to do with all your Power.

Step 3: Loosing Power.

Power is lost by being killed in Faction Wars or dying in general. The more you die, the lower your power. The lower your power, the less land you can claim. Having more land claimed than power leaves you open to raids. A rival faction can claim your land if you have too much of it and not enough power.

For example: If I am in a faction by myself and I have 15 power, I can claim up to 15 chunks. But if I die and lose power (say I now only have 10) then 5 of my chunks are able to be claimed by an enemy faction!

Faction PvP

Factions were made for PvP. It is literally the whole reason to have it, working together and killing enemies. PvP either helps you gain or lose your power.

Obviously, you want good Armor and Weapons and ORGANIZATION is key when it comes to fighting. I’m not saying build a whole strategic defense system and line your members up in a row and attack.. (although you could) You may want to be stealthy too…

Step 1: Ambushing

You will need to do some research before you attack. Find out where their base is, how to get in, and what biome.
Next, once you found their base, you might make a temporary base 200-300 blocks away from theirs. Maybe make a couple chests here with items that you will need.
Plan how you are going to attack. Enter through stealthy, make a TNT cannon, however you want to approach your enemies.

Other PVP information:

TNT is always a good method during PvP. Equip a Flint and Steel and a couple of TNT, place the TNT and right-click it with your Flint and Steel then run away.

Lava Buckets are always good for close range, place it on the ground close to enemies.

Remember though: GRIEFING IS NOT ALLOWED 🙂


Alliances are VERY important in Factions. These are the people that you will go to for more help regarding Wars, or resources.

To make good Alliances, look for the strong and powerful.

You guys don’t have to have bases right next to each other but have an outpost close to each other’s base in order to have easy access in case either is invaded or attacked.

Think of Allies as a very close friends. This friend will have your back and share things if wanted.


Wars usually start with disagreements, raids, and griefing. Or basically, anything that will make someone mad.

War is most dangerous at night. Mobs will easily take part in the War and may make the war 1v1v1. Try and encourage your war to be taken party during the Day.

Faction Organization

Step 1: Government?

Faction Government is an easy way to organize your members

(Ex: Democracy, Anarchy)

If you pick the path of Government, you will have 1 head member. They could be called the President, or King/Queen. This is usually given to the player who created the faction and given the Leader role, but you can run yours however you want.

Next you will have your Faction Moderators, which are a step under the Faction Leader. You can name these persons as Vice-President, or Prince/Princess.


Step 2: Faction Members, What will they be?

Your members can be named anything you like. It will help you keep track of your members.

You could organize your members based on skill, you could title them as: Miner, Woodsmen, Cook, etc…

To give a title to someone do the command >> /f title

Military Organization could be possible. You could name your members as: Cadet, Soldier, etc…


Step 3: Storage Organization.

Storage organization can be really important within the world of Factions. This can help you determine how many supplies you have and what more you need.

Make a room/building in your Faction Base suitable for a storage room. This space will need to be big enough to hold a lot of chests.

[Optional] Make a separate area containing 2-5 double chests for strictly RAIDING materials.


We use a map that runs on your browser, and allows live map updates to be checked at a glance. It may be accessed HERE, though will go offline during times of server maintenance due to being directly reliant on live updates from the server.

Discoverable Warps

We have implemented a simple Skyrim/RPG style warp/teleportation system that lets you warp to cities that you have previously discovered. These cities can be found using the map shown HERE.